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Capitol Command Concepts (Virtual)= 1/14 (Open Enrollment)
Columbus MO. (University of Missouri)- Urban Forcible Entry: 2/3 (Open Enrollment)

Maysville WV- Dynamic Rapid Intervention: 3/4 & 3/5 (Department Specific)

Live Oak TX- Engine & Truck Ops: 3/12-3/18 (Open Enrollment)

Portland CT (Concentric Brewery Event)- Urban Forcible Entry: 4/18 (Open Enrollment)

Indianapolis IN. (FDIC)- Command Under Fire: 4/24-4/29 (Open Enrollment)

Atlanta GA. (MAFFC)- Dynamic Rapid Intervention: 5/17-5/20 (Open Enrollment)
Atlanta GA. (MAFFC)- DDUFE-Urban Forcible Entry: 5/17-5/20 (Open Enrollment)

New Haven CT- RAGTOP Industries: (Details TBD): 6/3

Columbus MO (University of Missouri)- Down & Dirty Urban Forcible Entry: 6/7-6/10 (Open Enrollment)

Newark DE. (Jerry Fickes)- Engine Company Operations: 9/16-9/17 (Open Enrollment)
Columbus Ohio (FIREHOUSE Expo 2023)- Down & Dirty Urban Forcible Entry: 9/25-9/29 (Open Enrollment)
Columbus Ohio (FIREHOUSE Expo 2023)- Varsity Truck Company Operations: 9/25-9/29 (Open Enrollment)
Providence Rhode Island (Providence Safety & Survival Conference): 10/14 (Open Enrollment)

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