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Force Plate Forcible Entry Kit
  • Force Plate Forcible Entry Kit
  • Force Plate Forcible Entry Kit
  • Force Plate Forcible Entry Kit

Force Plate Forcible Entry Kit




Our special designed Force Plates are steel plates that are designed to be attached to an acquired structure for forcible entry training. The plates are made to be attached to a door and a frame and allows wood slats to be passed through two welded loops between the two plates to break. If you actually forced the locking mechanisms of the door, you would only be able to force it one time. With Force Plates you get multiple forces on the door because your breaking the wood and not the locks.  The plate system allows the user to still implement the basic tactics of forcible entry using the fork, adze, or baseball bat swing methods, all while still using the real door getting the realistic movement.

The plates are easy to assemble on your acquired structure, and easy to remove after the training is complete. The plates and hardware can then be stored away in the Force Plate tool box for the next training. The complete kit, comes with everything that you need to install.

Made in the USA / Official US Patent #D728,346S

Force Plate Kit 

Kit includes: 

  • 1 door plate (front & back)
  • 1 frame plate (front & back) 
  • 1 set of 3/8” door lag bolts 
  • 1 set of 3/8” frame lag bolts 
  • 8 washers 
  • 4 3/8”securing nuts 
  • 4 template wood strips
  • Instruction manual 

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